Fixing Perl LANG in Emacs by

Fixing Perl LANG in Emacs

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Lately I use Emacs as my main editor. There are so many cool and exciting features to explore. One of cool packages I use is fortune-cookie. This is what you got:


This is working good for my macOS Sierra version of Emacs, but not working as good in Maverick, like this:


Both emacs are the same version I got from here:

So, the problem is Emacs in Mavericks can't read environment variable correctly. If I run Emacs binary from command line, there's no warning, so basically I need to inject the LANG or LC_ALL variable before executing the binary.

From /Applications/, there's a file named Emacs, which is actually a ruby script, so to make it works, I simply open it and added a line to it, like this:


env var.

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