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Fixing Perl LANG in Emacs

Last update: 2 years ago Tag : emacs  Comments

Lately I use Emacs as my main editor. There are so many cool and exciting features to explore. One of cool packages I use is fortune-cookie. This is what you got: ![fortune-cookie](

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Repair NTFS Drive, MacOS

Last update: 2 years ago Tag : filesystem, ntfs, repairing  Comments

Usually we format external drive using NTFS filesystem, for portability and capability between multiple OS we may encounter. Sometimes we just don't properly dismount that drive, leading to a corrupt file/folder, and some weird things, like we couldn't empty the Trash bin. The MacOS don't provide automatic mechanism to mount/unmount a connected....

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Vagrant Alpine Linux

Last update: 2 years ago Tag : vagrant, alpine, rails  Comments

Wow, almost nine months dude... Why vagrant and not docker? I'm using Mavericks, dude, and love simplicity, just one box and no setting, just vagrant up and ready. I use docker for another things, just not for my local development... Why Alpine? Why not the popular Ubuntu based box? Simple: Size and resource consumption. Alpine linux ....

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Javsacript Decompression

Last update: 3 years ago Tag : javascript, compression, D3, SVG, JSON  Comments

Well many of you surely have already heard a lot about minify, or compressing assets (js,css) into a one file. Now, I have a big data file, more than 1MB, I consider it pretty big in the browser arena. The data is in JSON or SVG format, so minify doesn't reduce the size significantly. Otherwise, a simple ZIP or BZIP2 can reduce the size very well,....

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Forgot MacBook Firmware Password?

Last update: 3 years ago Tag : OSX, macbook, firmware, password protected  Comments

Okay, here is what going on.... You've just installed a brand new Mac OSX, complete with recovery partition. One more reading, and you'd have to enter the recovery, maybe to disable some "rootless" thing, and for sure, you've just password protect your firmware also. Some days went without problem, but suddenly you need to change boot order....

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