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Brew Binary Install on macOS Beta

Last update: 7 months ago Tag : brew, erlang, elixir, phoenix, boringssl, macos beta  Comments

If you like me, i.e fond of using the most bleeding edge version of everything, including OS in an everyday production machine, and in this case is macOS, you must be familiar with `brew`, unless you're a different kind of macOS user. So, you may already knew that `brew` is not supported on any beta version of macOS, so if you want to install a....

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Emacs Tramp Multihops

Last update: a year ago Tag : emacs, tramp  Comments

So, usually I use a simple terminal session and vim to do some remote editing session, of course just to find/replace and some minor editing/debugging of a script. For a longer session, I user cyberduck and local text editor, and use some tunneling if the file(s) located behind other SSH. For example, I have a remote location "**Office XY**", ....

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Light Docker Container for Phoenix and Postgresql

Last update: a year ago Tag : elixir, phoenix framework, docker, docker-compose, postgresql, apline  Comments

Sometimes ago I wrote about alpine vagrant for Rails 5, but sadly it's not working, although rails 5 successfully installed. Now, it's the time for me to try docker for phoenix development. I'm using docker-compose for orchestrating the phoenix and the postgres database server. Here are the steps: (Actually I just followed the steps from [here....

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Fixing Perl LANG in Emacs

Last update: 2 years ago Tag : emacs  Comments

Lately I use Emacs as my main editor. There are so many cool and exciting features to explore. One of cool packages I use is fortune-cookie. This is what you got: ![fortune-cookie](

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Repair NTFS Drive, MacOS

Last update: 2 years ago Tag : filesystem, ntfs, repairing  Comments

Usually we format external drive using NTFS filesystem, for portability and capability between multiple OS we may encounter. Sometimes we just don't properly dismount that drive, leading to a corrupt file/folder, and some weird things, like we couldn't empty the Trash bin. The MacOS don't provide automatic mechanism to mount/unmount a connected....

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