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Emacs Tramp Multihops

Last update: 10 months ago Tag : emacs, tramp  Comments

So, usually I use a simple terminal session and vim to do some remote editing session, of course just to find/replace and some minor editing/debugging of a script. For a longer session, I user cyberduck and local text editor, and use some tunneling if the file(s) located behind other SSH. For example, I have a remote location "**Office XY**", ....

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Light Docker Container for Phoenix and Postgresql

Last update: 11 months ago Tag : elixir, phoenix framework, docker, docker-compose, postgresql, apline  Comments

Sometimes ago I wrote about alpine vagrant for Rails 5, but sadly it's not working, although rails 5 successfully installed. Now, it's the time for me to try docker for phoenix development. I'm using docker-compose for orchestrating the phoenix and the postgres database server. Here are the steps: (Actually I just followed the steps from [here....

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Fixing Perl LANG in Emacs

Last update: a year ago Tag : emacs  Comments

Lately I use Emacs as my main editor. There are so many cool and exciting features to explore. One of cool packages I use is fortune-cookie. This is what you got: ![fortune-cookie](

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Repair NTFS Drive, MacOS

Last update: a year ago Tag : filesystem, ntfs, repairing  Comments

Usually we format external drive using NTFS filesystem, for portability and capability between multiple OS we may encounter. Sometimes we just don't properly dismount that drive, leading to a corrupt file/folder, and some weird things, like we couldn't empty the Trash bin. The MacOS don't provide automatic mechanism to mount/unmount a connected....

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Vagrant Alpine Linux

Last update: a year ago Tag : vagrant, alpine, rails  Comments

Wow, almost nine months dude... Why vagrant and not docker? I'm using Mavericks, dude, and love simplicity, just one box and no setting, just vagrant up and ready. I use docker for another things, just not for my local development... Why Alpine? Why not the popular Ubuntu based box? Simple: Size and resource consumption. Alpine linux ....

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